Heart Attack Rewind

Heart Attack Rewind

Cardiovascular Diseases: Common Disorders and Procedures

Did you know that globally Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) cause 17 million deaths globally and the world’s most common cause of death?

The consumption of trans-fats increases the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, like coronary heart disease and stroke. The intake of trans-fat, a major precursor for heart disease, globally causes 5 million deaths alone.

To combat this global health threat, the World Health Organization (WHO) has targeted for the complete elimination of industrially-produced trans-fat from the global food supply by 2023. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have launched The “Heart Attack Rewind” campaign, which is targeting to cut down industrially-produced trans-fats to 2%, from currently permitted level of 5%.

The “Heart Attack Rewind” campaign launched by India is planning to do away with the ‘bad cholesterol’ from the food supply by 2022.

The common Heart Related Disorders:

  1. Ischemia means the absence of blood flow to the organ or body tissues, while Infarction means the death of tissues due to reduced blood supply. Reduced blood supply leads to the shortage of oxygen supply to the affected organ or body tissue. (The difference and Similarities: Ischemia and Infarction)
  2. Arterial fibrillation is a condition where there is irregular heartbeat usually rapid heartbeat because the atrium beat at irregular intervals losing its coordination with the ventricle. The increased heart rate increases the risk of heart failure. (know Random ARTERIAL FIBRILLATION Tips)
  3. Coronary artery disease is a condition where there is blockage in the coronary arteries. Since coronary artery is a major artery which supplies the heart muscles with oxygen and nutrients its very important that there is no obstruction in its flow as it can further cause ischemia.

The common heart related Procedures:

  1. Coronary Angioplasty is a treatment to restore the blood flow in a narrowed or blocked coronary artery. The reason for a blockage could be a plaque or blood clots. Such blockages can lead to chest discomfort.
  2. Over time the plague deposit can narrow the blood vessels so much that the normal blood flow is restricted. In some cases, the coronary arteries become so narrow that the heart muscles itself are in danger. In such a case, Cardiac Bypass Surgery is performed.
  3. Heart Transplant or Cardiac Transplant is a surgical procedure in which a diseased heart (of a recipient) gets transplanted for a healthy heart (from a donor).

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