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About Us

Jehangir Hospital is a multi-specialty Hospital. The hospital was established in 1946, and till date serving the best service with that dedication and commitment. Hospital as advanced by both technology and skills in so many decades. The hospital provides the best service with the help of well-educated and experienced medical professionals and maintains high-quality standards. Hospital has received recognition for its high standard quality. With the help of advanced technology hospital as successfully completed multiple surgeries and gain patients trust.



Emergency care
CT Scan
Cath Lab



Emergency And Trauma Centre
Cardiac Science
Intensive Care
Neuro Science
Renal Science
Obstetrics And Gynecology
Orthopedic Centre
Breast Care Center
Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery


Green Operation Theater Award
Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award


Healthcare services available

CANCER (All types of cancers)

CARDIOLOGY  (Heart disease/disorders)

COSMETIC SURGERY (Cosmetic/ Aesthetic/ Plastic surgery)

GASTROENTEROLOGY (Stomach related disorders)

GYNAECOLOGY (IVF/ Women related health care concerns)

NEUROLOGY (Brain disorders/Mental wellness)

ORGAN TRANSPLANT (Heart/Lung/Kidney)

ORTHOPEDICS (bone/joint-related disorders)

BARIATRIC SURGERY (Weight loss/weight management/)

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