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Sun Medical & Research Centre, located in Trichur which is the cultural capital of Kerala. Trichur is blessed with the nature, which helps to improve the effectiveness of medicines and minimizes the side effects. Their main agenda is to provide critcal care for the patients with heart diseases and Trauma cases. Sun Medical & Research Centre vision of patient satisfaction is achieved by provides affordable treatment with pleasant location.

Healthcare services available

CANCER (All types of cancers)

CARDIOLOGY  (Heart disease/disorders)

COSMETIC SURGERY (Cosmetic/ Aesthetic/ Plastic surgery)

GASTROENTEROLOGY (Stomach related disorders)

GYNAECOLOGY (IVF/ Women related health care concerns)

HEALTHCARE BUZZ (Medical/Healthcare/Wellness)

NEUROLOGY (Brain disorders/Mental wellness)

ORGAN TRANSPLANT (Heart/Lung/Kidney)

ORTHOPEDICS (bone/joint-related disorders)

BARIATRIC SURGERY (Weight loss/weight management/)

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