Syphilis: Signs and Symptoms

Syphilis: Signs and Symptoms

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted chronic infection caused by Treponema pallidum.

Symptoms develop stagewise and the stages are:

  1. PRIMARY SYPHILIS: The primary lesion occurs as the spirochete (T. pallidum) the body. It usually heals on its own, within 4-8 weeks, even in the absence of proper treatment.
  1. SECONDARY SYPHILIS: This stage begins 6-8 weeks after the appearance of the primary lesion. It presents non-itchy rashes on the palms and soles.
  1. LATENT SYPHILIS: With time, the stage of secondary syphilis is replaced by a latent period.
  1. TERTIARY SYPHILIS: This stage usually takes 3-10 years or more to develop after the primary infection. It affects the skin, mucosa, bone, and joints.
  1. QUATERNARY SYPHILIS It affects the heart and the nervous system. It is extremely rare.

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