Types of Scar

Types of Scar: types explained with Infographic

Types of Scar

A scar is a mark left on the skin while and after a wound heals because of the replacement of the normal skin tissues with fibrous tissues. This article highlights Types of Scar.

Scars are of different types including:

  • Keloids scar: An exuberant scar that appears at the site of an injury and spreads beyond the borders of the original lesion. The Keloid scar is a mass of collagen fibers and fibroblasts. It has a shiny surface with a rubbery consistency and usually found on the shoulders, chest, and back.
  • Contracture or cicatricial scar: Scar causing many contractions. This type of scar tightens the muscles making it impossible or in some cases very difficult to move. Contracture scars may sometimes be deep-seated sometimes even affecting muscles and nerves. This type is usually seen in burn cases.
  • Hypertrophic scar: This type of scarred and are raised just like keloid scar but they tend to spread beyond their borders.
  • Painful scar: In this type, nerves are also involved causing pain during healing. The nerve endings sometimes become bulbous. This condition is treated either by dissecting the scar or excising the nerve.
  • Acne scar: This type of scar is usually present in people who had a severe outburst of acne. These scars can either be a deep pit, angular or wavelike.
  • Stretch marks: They are also a form of scar caused due to stretching of the skin rapidly. Usually seen in pregnancy or during teenage when there is a growth spurt or during weight gain. However, these scars begin to fade after a few years.
  • Umbilical scar
  • Atrophic scar: occurs in cases where the structures that lie beneath the skin such as fats or muscles are lost.

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