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Treatment or Medical Procedure Plan:

Upon receiving relevant information from you, Niruja HealthTech ensures to take care of your medical or healthcare services requirement/s and processes for necessary arrangements.

However, it is important for you to note:

  • Niruja HealthTech is a Medical and Healthcare Value Travel Facilitator, and not the treating entity.
  • We discuss your case with the treating entity (hospital/surgeon/doctor) and convey the information “as is” to you.
  • The course of treatment is merely suggestive as per best judgment of the treating entity and always based on the information disclosed by you. The course of treatment might differ when you are examined personally and assessed for appropriateness of the suggested therapy or risks of a medical procedure/s.

Role of the patient:

We encourage and request you to send your medical query in advance, via the online enquiry form along with necessary details. The medical procedures are conducted at accredited hospitals by experienced healthcare professionals.

We strongly believe that self-awareness is the first step towards sound recovery. We highly recommend you to understand the process and procedure, before confirming your acceptance to our service offerings.

Niruja HealthTech Cares and Nurtures:

Every patient has unique healthcare challenges. Medical experts set specific recovery goals for you with immense amount of deliberation. At Niruja HealthTech, we are extremely sensitive towards your requirements and assist you with utmost care to facilitate your recovery process.

In case you need any assistance, we do not hesitate to guide and educate, and would be immensely happy to help you as your trusted value partners.

Third Party Association and Engagement:

We take utmost care in the selection of the third parties, including but not limited to hospitals, diagnostic centres, medical institutes, healthcare experts and professionals, wellness centres (for Ayurveda and naturopathy), hotels, tour operators and professional entities dealing in stay and accommodation, caterers, patient assistance services or so on.

We introduce you to these services providers (medical and non-medical), based on your requirements. Niruja HealthTech does not control or operate facilities or services, directly or indirectly, provided by these third parties and thus should not be hold responsible or liable for the services provided by these third party service providers.

However, we encourage you to connect to us on immediate basis, if any discrepancies are observed in the services provided or for the services not matching to your expectation. Your comfort is the first step towards your recovery and thus topmost priority for us.

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Periodic updates

We are prompt in posting the updates, modifications and changes to our content pages, in order to provide you up-to-date information.

Functioning of the website:

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