What is Bone marrow biopsy?

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Bone marrow is soft tissue present inside the bone which helps to produce RBC, WBC, platelets, fat, cartilages and bone. Two types of bone marrow present in the bone that is red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow. Red bone marrow finds in the flat bone and red bone marrow change color to yellow because of increase of fat cell. For the bone marrow biopsy specialist extract red bone marrow.

  • Uses: – Doctorsuggests bone marrow biopsy when patient blood test shows anemia, bone marrow disease, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, bone marrow cancer, hemochromatosis, infection or fever from unknown origin.
  • Procedure: – Patient must have to tell doctor about medical history, recent medical situation and medical supplement which he takes. Patient must have to follow doctor instruction. Generally bone marrow biopsy is conducted by oncologist. Before starting procedure specialist asks patient to wear hospital gown and sit on the table. Specialist check heart rate, blood pressure. Then specialist tell patient to lie on stomach. Then he applies the local anesthetic to the skin and biopsy will be carried out. Bone marrow biopsy is mostly conducted on hipbone or the chest bone. If patient feels symptoms like excess bleeding, increase pain, swelling, drainage or fever after biopsy, then he must have to contact with the specialist.
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