What is Oxygen Saturation Test?

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Oxygen is saturated with the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is blood element which helps to carry oxygen all over the body. Normal oxygen saturation is between 96%-98%. Below 96% saturation is dangerous it needled urgent oxygen supplement. Low oxygen level in body causes COPD, asthma, anemia, heart disease, pulmonary embolism, congenital heart defects.

Uses: – Oxygen saturation test is carried out to identify oxygen level in the blood, amount of hemoglobin in blood, measurement of pressure of oxygen in the blood, amount of carbon dioxide present in the blood and acid base balance in the blood.

Methods:-Oxygen saturation is measured by using following two methods.

    1. Arterial blood gases: -Arterial blood gases are useful to identification of saturation of oxygen into arterial blood. For conducting this method blood is withdraw from femoral artery in the wrist of groin. Arterial blood gases are measured into mmHg.
    2. Pulse oximetry: – In this method the small clip like sensor is attached to the fingertip, toe or earlobe. For the measurement of peripheral capillary blood. It is standard method for patient monitoring in hospital.
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