Coronavirus- How to protect yourself and your family

Coronavirus- How to protect yourself and your family?

The coronavirus epidemic is currently declared by the WHO as a global emergency. The viral outbreak originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province and has since spread to a number of countries.

In India, 3 diagnosed cases of the Corona Virus (known as COVID-19) were confirmed in Kerala and 2 of them have since then tested negative for the virus. India has temporarily suspended all visitors from China from entering India to control the spread of the virus. Know about: Human Coronavirus: Outbreak and Prevention

Coronavirus Mode of transmission:

From wild animals to humans via an intermediate host (It has still not been identified). From human to human, through an airborne route, droplet infection, close contact and fomites.

Coronavirus Symptoms:
  • A high-grade fever,
  • Dry cough and difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea)

While there is no reason to panic in India, considering that all 3 cases were under quarantine and observation for 14 days, one must take the following precautions for people who have returned from China. Read All you need to know about Covishield

Coronavirus Precautions and Preventive Measures:

  • Quarantine for 14 days under monitoring
  • Wearing of N95 protective masks
  • Avoiding contact with the vulnerable population: including pregnant women, children and the elderly.
  • Covering one’s nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Sneezing in a handkerchief or in the angle of the elbow is advised.
  • Also, one is advised to not touch the eyes/mouth/ face with contaminated hands after sneezing.
  • Hand washing is the primary mode of prevention (with alcohol-based sanitizers or soap and water) to eliminate the viral particles.

The virus originated from a city market that sold live animals in Wuhan. Since then, the market has been sealed. While the domestic poultry and meats are not found to be infected with the Corona Virus, one must cook meat properly before consumption.

Additionally, one must maintain hand hygiene (After a sneeze or cough; during food preparation, before eating, after visiting the toilet, and after handling animals or their waste)

Coronavirus Treatment:

There is no specific antiviral treatment recommended for COVID-19. People with COVID-19 should receive supportive care to help relieve symptoms. For severe cases, treatment should include care to support vital organ functions. Recently anti-HIV drugs Lopinavir and ritonavir have been approved by the ICMR on a pilot basis.

If you experience fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. In case you develop these symptoms anytime within 28 days of return from China:

Make a call at the Ministry of Health, Govt. of India’s Helpline Number Toll-free no 1075 or +91-11-2397 8046 for further information. Helpline Email ID: ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in OR ncov2019[at]gmail[dot]com

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