Genital Infection in Men: Symptoms and Treatment

Much like women, men also have high chances of contracting a genital infection in their penial areas and the associated ducts. The most common of these are yeast infections. Normally known as thrush, it is a yeast infection affecting the head of the penis. Such infection if not treated can lead to a variety of problems and complications where the infection might enter your bloodstream and cause problems elsewhere.

Genital Infection in Men: Early visible symptoms include
  • a rash with itching and soreness at the head of the penis.
  • White, shiny patches might also be visible on the skin.
  • Other symptoms include a thick, white discharge that can be found under the foreskin or in the folds of the skin. This usually has an unpleasant odor.
  • The person may also find it painful to pull back his foreskin.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and urination is also experienced.
  • It can also affect other areas of the skin, particularly in the mouth, and is then termed as oral thrush.
Genital Infection in Men: transmission

It is transmitted via a person with an existing infection or can also be caused by a lack of proper hygiene. The fungus can also thrive and grow in a moist environment if the area is not dried properly after washing. Poorly managed diabetes can also aid in fugal growth as they grow well in a high blood sugar atmosphere. Bath foams, soap gels, lubricants can disrupt the normal pH causing the fungus to grow and leaving the area open to infection. The immune system suppressing medications can also aid in fungal growth. Lack of proper diet and an existing condition of obesity might also put you at a higher risk of catching a yeast infection as the fat proves to be a good food source for bacterial growth.

Genital Infection in Men: The diagnosis

of such an infection is simple as one must be watchful for the symptoms and should contact their doctor if the symptoms persist. Medically, the doctor would ask for thorough health and sexual history and any previous infections and their treatment. The doctor might also take a swab test from around the head of your penis and under your foreskin to determine the appropriate course of medication to prescribe. Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) may also be suggested. If the medical examiner finds any sores or ulcers that have not healed, a biopsy might be performed. Typically, these infections clear out on their own, but a medical screening is recommended.

Genital Infection in Men: The treatment

It is fairly simple for such infections and requires completing the prescribed dosage of clotrimazole, imidazole, or miconazole as prescribed by the doctor. Along with this, proper genital hygiene maintenance is a must and it is recommended to refrain from any sexual activity until the infections clear out. The medication can be prescribed in the form of tablets or anti-fungal creams.

If the infection is not treated effectively, it has very high chances of entering the bloodstream. This is seen commonly in men who prolong seeking medical treatment and the infection had spread away from the penis further into the body. In such cases a severe dosage of anti-fungal treatment is necessary.

Prevention of Genital Infection in Men

In order to prevent the contraction of a yeast infection, it is advised to participate in protected sexual intercourse by using condoms. Also, maintaining a monogamous sexual relation is appreciated. If you are uncircumcised, it is advised to clean under the foreskin using soap and water and to return the foreskin to its usual position after cleaning and drying the area. In order to stop the spread of infection to other people, it is recommended to avoid any sexual contact until the infection is cleared, or the infection can be transferred back and forth between you and your partner/s.

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