Taj Malabar Jiva Spa

Taj Malabar Jiva Spa: 5 Star Wellness Center

Taj Malabar Jiva Spa: 5 Star Hotel in Kochi

 Taj Malabar Resort & Spa is a jewel nestled in Cochin’s exquisite beauty. The signature group (Taj Malabar Jiva Spa) offers its lovely old-world charm combined with world-class luxury services. The resort is located at the tip of Willingdon Island, overlooking the harbor. The beauty of the pace is such that you get the feeling of peacefully floating out towards the horizon, away from the hustling world. The beautiful start at this resort makes you feel welcomes with every passing moment.

Jiva Spa is a Taj hotels signature brand, which offers rejuvenation and wellness services. The resort is a sought-after experience for many. The signature therapies will soothe you, make you calm. The unique massage not only relaxes your muscles but your body and mind too. Once again, you feel alive as the signature blend of unique therapies takes your stress away.

  • Address- Taj Malabar Jiva Spa, Willingdon Island, Kochi, Kerala 682009
  • contact number- +91 484-6643000
  • email ID- [email protected]

Taj Malabar Jiva Spa: Worldwide Reservations Centres

Following are the contact details- Team accessible 24/7. Toll-free contact numbers.

Toll-free India: 1-800-111-825
India Network: 0091-22-6601-1825
USA & Canada: 1-866-969-1-825
Bahrain Toll-Free: 080004866
Brazil Toll-Free: 08000381422
Egypt Toll-Free: 08000000485
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Toll-Free: 800-035-702-467
Other countries: 00-800-4-588-1-825
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.tajhotels.com

There are eight components considered under Ayurveda. These are:

  1. Kayachikitsa; the medicine of the body
  2. Kaumara-bhṛtya, prenatal and postnatal care of baby and mother
  3. Salyatantra: surgical techniques
  4. Śhalakyatantra: ears, eyes, nose, mouth treatments
  5. Bhutavidya: pacification of possessing spirits,
  6. Agadatantra/Vishagara meaningToxicology
  7. Rasayantantra: rejuvenation and tonics
  8. Vajikaraṇatantra: aphrodisiacs, sexual health, and infertility
  • Panchakarma Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Herbal beauty treatment
  • stress management and immuno-promotive remedies,
  • Slimming programs
  • Beauty care programs
  • Cancer Rehabilitation program (quality of life enhancement),
  • Geriatric Care, Lifestyle Disorders,
  • Diabetes & related complications
  • Muscle — Bone — Joint disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Low Back Ache, Frozen Shoulder, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Cervical Spondylosis, etc., Neurological Disorders,
  • Gynecology & Women’s Health,
  • Menstrual /Uterine disorders, Osteoporosis
  • Acupuncture Therapy


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