Allergic Asthama: The indications

What are the indications of Allergic Asthma?

Allergic asthma is the most common type of asthma triggered by an allergen. An allergen is any substance that causes a hypersensitivity reaction. The common allergens are inhalant (dust, pollens, fungi, smoke, perfume, or odors of plastic), and sometimes they are food, drugs, infectious agents, physical agents, or through contact with certain things. The allergens do not affect everyone but only affect hypersensitive people to the allergens that trigger a response starting in the immune system.

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  1. It was wonderful of you to clarify that some allergens only impact hypersensitive individuals and do not affect everyone who is allergic to the allergens that cause an immune system reaction. Because his triggers aren’t present in the area, it’s surprising that my boyfriend’s allergies have been acting up lately. I believe it’s time to consult with an ENT specialist who specializes in inhalant allergies so they can determine his accurate diagnosis and the best course of action. Thank you for providing all of this information.

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