Common Lifestyle Disorders In Office Goers

When it comes to a workplace, it can be quite an easy place for a person, to not just catch infections but also suffer from a myriad of health issues due to bad food choices, lack of physical activity, over-stressful environment, wrong body posture, and disturbances in the biological clock. Office goers and young professionals are very much prone to these lifestyle-related disorders. These types of health issues, once encountered, aren’t that easy to be cured but the good news is that common lifestyle disorders are definitely largely preventable.

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Below mentioned are some of the Common Lifestyle Disorders, often experienced by the office workers:


When it comes to excessively hard work schedules and targets, headaches seem to be the most common problem, in the majority of individuals.

Tension headaches are basically the commonest type of headache encountered by teens and adults. Such headaches can occur due to tension build-up, muscular spasms and even excessive eye strain especially when sitting in front of a computer screen for a long duration!


Do you find yourself slouching at your work desk without giving yourself enough breaks? Then, you really need to pay attention to the fact, that this habit can lead you to unexpected backaches.

Back pains are quite common and an “everyday complaint” for most of the working professionals. Sitting in a wrong posture, bending awkwardly for long hours, not taking enough breaks in between and other habits similar to these may give rise to severe pains and stiffness in the back.

For office goers, it is extremely crucial to avoid long sitting hours and to take enough breaks for stretching or for some casual strolling! In addition to that, ergonomic chairs must be brought into use.

If at all, the pain doesn’t seem to minimize, proper medical advice is a must. Seeking professional help at the right time can definitely help you prevent some serious issues that might arise in the future.

STRESS- your biggest enemy!

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In this competitive and career-oriented society, it is quite common for individuals to take up jobs that are not just physically demanding but also highly stressful mentally.

Be it the stress related to a tight working schedule, long hours of hard work, or just the effect of some issues with the co-workers, stress can definitely lead to various health issues. It can give rise to physical effects such as headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, etc. Not just this, stress can also be directly linked to psychological effects such as reduced concentration, anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, etc.


Various acute issues might occur due to the involvement of your gastrointestinal system. Prolonged sitting may affect your bowel habits, excessive stress or anxiety might give rise to acid reflux and other such issues.

In addition to these acute conditions, it is quite common for individuals, to consume junk food and resort to bad eating habits when at work. This when combined, with the lack of physical activity (Know about how does physical inactivity affect humans?), may give rise to obesity that is quite commonly noticed lifestyle disorders these days. A body mass index (Know more about BMI) that has crossed 25 indicates that you’re suffering from obesity.

Being overweight in itself gives a right to respiratory discomfort, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus, and the list goes on. In fact, obesity in itself is a primary cause of making your body prone to a bucket- full of lifestyle disorders!


Stressful lifestyle when combined with a lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet, may give rise to many cardiovascular disorders that are almost inter-linked with each other.

High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular attack (or stroke) are some of the most commonly encountered lifestyle disorders that directly affect your cardiovascular health.


Are you frequently taking the help of a glass full of alcohol, in order to deal with stress? Do you feel that alcohol has been your “best friend” when trying to deal with the excessive work demands? Then, this might affect you severely in the long run.

Individuals who’ve consumed an increased amount of alcoholic beverages, on daily basis, are at a supremely increased risk of suffering from liver disorders. All this may finally lead you to cirrhosis, the incidence of which has been on a constant rise due to wrong lifestyle choices.


Wrong food choices may also be responsible for another extremely common lifestyle disorder- DIABETES MELLITUS (Type II). The primary cause of this type of diabetes is obesity. It must be noted, that India has the largest number of individuals that are affected by diabetes mellitus, and it is undoubtedly a dire need to switch to healthier lifestyle habits, in order to prevent it.

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