India- Global Healthcare Hub

  • The cost of treatment in India is at about one-tenth as compared to the United States.
  • The benefit India offers-Cost effectiveness, availability of skilled doctors, usage of modern technology, world-class healthcare facilities
  • India receives patients from 50 countries
    The footfall of foreign nationals seeking treatment in India is approx. 5, 00,000 annually.

Medical Tourism

Services typically sought by travelers: elective procedures, essential procedures, complex surgeries etc. India as ‘Medical Tourism Destination’ offers an advantage of:

  • Availability of well trained healthcare professionals
  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Cost effective medical procedures and services as compared to global counterparts.

Healthcare Tourism

‘Wellness’ stands for a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. Wellness is an integral part of the Indian approach to life.

  • The country has eternally been identified for its wealthy heritage of ‘Wellness’ traditions and has huge potentialities to cater to ‘Wellness’ seekers.
  • The Indian ‘Wellness’ Industry is one amongst the quickest growing segments of the Travel and Leisure Industry.

Welcome to Niruja HealthTech

  • The Reliable ‘Medical and Wellness’ Value Travel Partner and Facilitator in India
  • Assists patients (domestic and international) in availing and seeking best Medical and Healthcare Services in India.
  • Believes in ‘Patient-centric’ Approach and provides tailor-made solutions based on Medical and Healthcare requirements
  • Ensures patient receives Affordable, Safe and Quality Medical, Wellness and Healthcare solutions from empanelled ‘Service Facility Centers’.

Our Wide Range of Services

‣ Consultation with Healthcare Specialist/s ‣ Hospital Admission and Discharge Process Assistance
‣ Assessment of healthcare requirement/s ‣ Leisure Activity Plan
‣ Best-fit quotation as per medical procedural requirements ‣ Auxiliary Services- Ticket Bookings/Foreign Exchange/ Shopping/Mobile
‣ Scheduling of Medical Travel Plan ‣ Food and accommodation
‣ Follow-up Assistance (Virtual Assistance) ‣ Inner City Transfers
‣ M-Visa Assistance ‣ Return Travel Assistance
‣ Confirmation and booking of the Healthcare Procedure ‣ On-demand value added Healthcare –Related Services

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