Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: Most prevalent cancer across the globe

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What is Lung Cancer?

Cancer that begins in the lungs is termed lung cancer. It is life-threatening cancer that metastasizes as soon as it forms. The most common sites for metastasis include the adrenal gland, liver, brain, and bone. 

Although lung cancer can arise from any part of the lung, the region of maximum origin tends to be the epithelial cells that line the bronchi and bronchioles. This type of cancer is called bronchogenic cancer. Lungs are also the common site of metastasis for other cancers in the body, and this type of cancer has cells that resemble those found in the primary tumor site.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of death in India and across the globe. In India, lung cancer contributes to approximately 6.9 % of all new cancer cases. Around 9.3 % of the cancer-related deaths in India are associated with lung cancer. 

The incidence of lung cancer is 28.3 per 100,000 males and 28.7 per 100,000 females in India. The overall average survival rate of in developing countries like India is around 5 %.

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